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Long history of partnering success.

DFB has a long history of successfully partnering to develop and commercialize innovative technologies across a broad range of product categories and therapeutic areas.  We have operated as both seller or buyer, licensor or licensee, and believe in establishing mutually beneficial relationships that are designed for long-term success.

Available for license or sale

NANOLOGY LLC – Submicron particle oncology PLATFORM

Our NanoPac® (submicron particle paclitaxel) and NanoDoce® (submicron particle docetaxel) are in preclinical and clinical development in three therapeutic areas and ten indications in cancer and related conditions. We have built an extensive global IP portfolio around the investigational drugs including a composition of matter patent valid until 2036. Recently, we entered the emerging chemoimmunotherapy field and are conducting significant research to confirm that our investigational drugs may be the best agents in combination with immunoncology therapy for treatment of certain cancers. We intend to partner with a leading oncology company toward the regulatory approval of our investigational drugs.
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Our FDA-approved docetaxel injection is available for distribution rights outside the USA. A generic to Taxotere®, our docetaxel injection is available in 20mg/mL, 80mg/4mL, and 200mg/10mL single use vials. Our API is supplied by the only producer in the world that does not rely on problematic 10-DAB as starting material for docetaxel API. Instead, the API used in our docetaxel injection is synthesized from a plant cell fermentation-derived starting material controlled start to finish in GMP facilities. 10-DAB, on the other hand, requires huge quantities of toxic solvents for extraction from non-GMP yew tree plantations, which are subject to weather and harvesting issues, most recently reported in 2015.


Our infection control products have been commercialized in the USA and are available for license in certain geographies around the world. The products include:

  • Aldahol® a high-level disinfectant

  • Surgicept® a waterless surgical hand scrub

  • Triseptin® a water-aided surgical hand scrub


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