DFB Pharmaceuticals
Practical innovations for life

DFB Pharmaceuticals

Practical Innovations
for Life.


We aim our entrepreneurial talent on the practical innovation of healthcare technologies and businesses.

DFB Pharmaceuticals is a private investment group focused on building healthcare and life science operating businesses, technologies, and products. Since 1990, DFB and its principals have established a successful track record of creating value by building businesses through strategic acquisitions, product development, brand building, and operational expertise.

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3909 Hulen Street
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We've identified new ways to rapidly develop life‐saving therapies through innovative delivery forms of proven drugs in collaboration with a network of specialized partners.

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Phyton biotech

We own and operate Phyton Biotech®, the world’s first and only company to harness plant cell fermentation (PCF®) technology for development and commercialization of plant-derived pharmaceuticals, and the world’s largest commercial provider of high-quality Paclitaxel and Docetaxel API via PCF®.

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other products

We license our commercial healthcare products to international marketing partners.

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