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Commercial Product Portfolio

DFB owns a portfolio of commercial products that are licensed to sales and marketing partners globally.

Infection Control

  • Aldahol® – The result of a groundbreaking scientific discovery that isopropanol greatly enhances the bactericidal, viricidal, and fungicidal activity of glutaraldehyde, Aldahol provides fast-acting, room temperature, high-level disinfection of surgical and related equipment.

  • Surgicept® – A waterless surgical hand antiseptic that provides rapid and broad spectrum anti-microbial activity.

  • Triseptin® – An alcohol-based, water-aided surgical hand scrub that kills and removes microorganisms on the skin.

  • DFB Shanghai. In conjunction with our partner in China, we are building a world-class manufacturing facility that will bring our infection control portfolio to the Chinese market.

Generic Drugs

  • Docetaxel Injection USP – An injectable oncology product with ANDA approval in the US as a generic equivalent to Taxotere® (Aventis Pharma SA) and available for license or sale both within and outside the US.