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DFB drug development is focused on the rapid development of new delivery methods and unique forms of proven drugs via a 505(b)2 regulatory pathway to address critical unmet needs.

With proven expertise to progress drugs from development to commercialization, DFB is collaborating with a network of specialized partners including universities, physicians, CROs, manufacturers, and consultants. This gives us the flexibility to focus the best people and resources to progress research and development of our uncoated nanoparticle platform efficiently and quickly via a 505(b)2 regulatory pathway though phase 2 clinical trials in preparation for phase 3 pivotal trials.



Nanology: Development of a Naked Nanoparticle Platform

  • An affiliate of DFB, Nanology is developing an innovative nanoparticle platform

    • Stable, uncoated ("naked") nanoparticles of hydrophobic drugs suspended in innovative local delivery systems to increase safety and efficacy through targeted delivery, enhanced bioavailability and residence time at treatment site, and negligible systemic effect

    • New delivery options for approved drugs via 505(b)2 NDA regulatory pathway

    • Extensive opportunities for new IP

Local. Longer. Safer.

  • Local delivery of active API directly to the site of treatment

  • Longer duration of clinical activity due to local depot and steady dissolution of nanoparticles

  • Enhanced safety due to targeted (non-systemic) delivery as well as elimination of toxic solvent carriers


Unprocessed Paclitaxel (20,000X)

Unprocessed Paclitaxel (20,000X)

Processed Paclitaxel (20,000X)

Processed Paclitaxel (20,000X)