Our Products

DFB Pharmaceuticals has developed, licensed or acquired over 50 pharmaceutical and medical product brands that prevent or treat disorders associated with skin and soft tissue. The company's current focus is directed toward patient, payor and provider needs in wound care and surgical markets.


Healthpoint Tissue Management

DFB's first Healthpoint division, Tissue Management, markets branded products designed to prepare, heal, or otherwise treat wounds, with a major emphasis on chronic wounds. Tissue Management has become DFBs largest branded business, providing active drug therapies for skin protection, enzymatic debridement, wound infection, and accelerated wound healing. More recently, the portfolio has been expanded to include patented biologic and cellular therapies to promote the healing of acute, traumatic, and chronic wounds.


Healthpoint Specialty
Healthpoint Specialty was initially founded to focus on patented skin asepsis products including brush-free surgical scrubs, patient preoperative skin preparations products, and healthcare personnel hand washes. Over the coming years, through research and development, acquisition and licensing efforts, Healthpoint Specialty will offer a full suite of pharmaceutical, biologic, and advanced drug delivery products that enhance surgical procedures and their outcomes. 


Healthpoint International

The International Business Development division of Healthpoint Ltd. focuses on building successful partnerships with worldwide healthcare companies to expand the use of our products across the globe. When and where appropriate, Healthpoint aligns with other companies to co-promote the marketing and distribution of our products.


Phyton Biotech

Phyton plans to leverage its expertise in biotechnology to provide DFB and other customers with unique product offerings as well as develop and launch its own proprietary drugs to treat rare diseases.